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We have developed new, better contract for next mission !

New contract:


Our first launch mission – Watch NOW

Easy to join

Simply complete the FUEL claim or purchase at PRESALE to be able to use Moon Riders technology.

Join our mission

Invite Riders and Earn

We know that such a great goal requires great resources and a large number of members – that’s why for each new member you refer, you will receive FUEL and BNB.

Invite & Earn Info

Green and Security

We use the Binance Smart Chain Network – which is green, fast, secure and powers our FUEL and many other tokens. BSC is the most secure and advanced system in the world.

Get details about our token


Moon Riders Work concept

Before traveling to the moon, each prospective Moon Rider must get acquainted with the mission plans.

Invite Moon Rider System

Moon Riders Invitation and Profit System

Big plans require a lot of resources. So the Moon Rider contract is designed to favor active riders who contribute to the enlargement of our community. Find out more how to invite and earn BNB and Fuel.

Learn more

Moon Riders features.

We have build and activate the strategic Moon Riders contract, with the power of emotion across every element of its features:

Quick BNB recharge

After receiving Moon Riders Fuel token just share a special unique Moon Riders Invite link to your friends! Moon Riders Contract return you the value of the spent BNB and you earn after 3 completed ref orders of the same initial action!

Safe as Moon, Cheap as Air

Smart Chain’s low transaction fees  and the highest security make avaible for everyone.  By creating immutable and shared data records, blockchain technology can also help to improve data quality and facilitate data access.

How do it

Join us

Buy a fuel token with a airdrop event or with Presale. The number of fuel received from airdrop is fully sufficient to use Moon Riders Invite.

Gather your party

Generate a unique Moon Rider  reflink by filling in the fields with the address of your BEP20 BSC wallet. Invite Friends to Moon Riders using this URL. 

Preparation for journey

The Moon Riders contract will automatically transfer the gains to your wallet within 15 seconds. You don’t need to do anything else, you don’t even need to be online – as Moon rider u can hit the moon ! 

The mission to the moon is not a simple matter, unlike other projects, our plan is based on the implementation of interdependent strategic points. Everything works like a closed vessel, so the term is in the concept phase. Check please its simplified model.

Smart Direction

Determining the correct direction of development is key – and not always the shortest path is the best one. Therefore, we postpone the time to prepare for the possible benefits of a quick start.

Building the strategy

It will be a long journey – the enhancement of documentation must be done with constant development.

Achieve more people

Getting to the moon requires adaptation to the conditions and big team. That’s why we run an Airdrop / Presale campaign and captain recruitment campaigns.

Big plans and adaptations

We boldly look to other moons embedded in other Crypto Chains. Therefore, we will constantly adapt the concept of development to the current BSC situation.


Passionate about solving problems through creative communications. Little successes lead to great things. We focus on such things.

Secret Service Leak

Moon Riders closest goals

Advertising activities

We are starting the promotion of our project. The fact that you are here means that we are going in the right direction.

IVQ 2021

Contract Audit

As and the mission is difficult, everything has to be checked and verified – including our contract.

IQ 2022


We will complete the process of recruiting captains and submit appropriate offers.

IQ 2022

Presale Event Ending

We will complete the preliminary work and focus entirely on the upcoming highlight.

IQ 2022

Official 1st Launch

We will conduct the first Moon Rider mission!

IIQ 2022

Willing to tread on the moon

What they are saying?

Moon riders Pre-sales Packs

Select a package and support our project !

Analytics Pack

The most basic claim

0.003 BNB

Access to the Invite & Gain system

1 Moon Fuel / 0.003 BNB

Claim now

Diamond Pack

For our Moon Riders supporters.

0.01 BNB – 0.05 BNB

Access to the Invite & Gain system

100 Moon Fuels / 0.01 BNB

Buy Now



Total Supply:
10,000,000 Moon Fuel


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